School Bus

School Bus

School bus transportation is one of the largest public transit systems. Many school districts are facing intense pressure in high fuel costs, rising maintenance costs, bus driver shortage, and a lack of capital to invest in new school buses technology. It is challenging to maintain service without expanding GPS telematics solutions and make managing transportation services prohibitively expensive for some school districts.

Telematics devices enable school bus fleets to help improve student and driver safety while controlling costs. ATrack GPS Tracker provides the real-time location of a school bus at any given point in time. Track trip progress and get an estimated time of its arrival at a bus stop, and allowing both parents and school administrators to have peace of mind to keep track of students during their bus trip. ATrack GPS solution provides engine diagnostic to troubleshoot vehicles and helps fleet managers with real-time data to ensure transportation safety.



  • Boosts fuel efficiency: GPS system for school buses solves problems related to inefficient bus routes, miscalculations, extra fuel burned, distance covered, and results in a greener environment.
  • Keeps budget under control: GPS solution also helps to cut down maintenance costs and lower insurance premiums
  • Student safety: Parents and schools can ensure child's safety on the way to school or home with instantly the time when buses reach the specified destination.

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