Nowadays Taxi service has become even more challenging and budget is important in businesses, whether it’s large- or small-scale. To improve the efficiency of passenger capacity, GPS tracking has been selected to be an effective system adopted to improve taxi service, especially considering that they rely heavily on drivers’ abilities to transport passengers from one location to another. Unfortunately, because of the expenses that come with installing vehicle trackers in cars, cab companies usually forgo this important feature.

As technology improved, costs of vehicle tracking devices have gone down, and providers have discovered a more cost-effective solution for their fleet, with adding value and features around taxis that led a great way to improve taxi service operations and give their customers the quality service they deserve.

ATrack has offered comprehensive devices for taxis, including vehicle trackers, wide-angle security cameras, driver identification card readers, emergency buttons,s and other devices designed to increase both driver and passenger safety.

Through vehicle tracking solution, companies can keep a tab on their cars and their drivers, so that they can better manage them and serve their customers efficiently. It also helps reduce fuel waste, and improves maintenance practices.

When using ATrack tracking solution that reduces your expenses and increases your profits, your business becomes more competitive.



  • Enhance Safety - Reduce Crime and misbehavior of both driver and passenger
  • Improve management efficiency - Notify companies of unsafe drivers
  • Hours of Service – Delivering accurate and working time reports
  • Improve the driver’s behavior - It can monitor whether the driver is speeding, harsh braking, detouring or other bad behavior.

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