Why ATrack?

Why ATrack?

Core Technology

Automotive-Grade Design
Compliance with APQP ability with a structured methodology that provides objective evidence to the customer to ensure ATrack product development processes deployed are fully integrated with superior performance and reliability.

Firmware Flexibility 
ATrack is capable of designing diverse and flexible firmware structure based on customer requests. Ensuring that our customers are satisfied of the feature-set and functionality.

Customization Service
Empowering ATrack’s capability to meet customer needs, requirements and expectations for any kind of customization.

Innovative ODM
Saving time and cost designing the product, allowing the company spend more effort on its core operations while ATrack offers agile ODM capability with professions over decade.

Solid R&D Team
Advanced technology research and product development are the areas in which ATrack invests the most. ATrack provides powerful knowledge and insights leads to win customer interest. Through ATrack’s solid R&D team, you are rest assured of being in a competitive edge in the market.   

Vehicle Professionalist
It has been regarded as the highest concern to ensure vehicle troubleshooting capability in automotive industry. ATrack provides expert hands of highly experienced and passionate professionals. You will get your vehicle diagnosed in the best way with latest technology and methodologies.

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