Cold Chain

Cold Chain


The cold chain is used to preserve and transport fresh agricultural products, foods, chemicals, medicines, vaccines, etc. The cold chain includes road,  rail , and sea transportation and it is very important to maintain a certain low temperature during the transportation process. Once the temperature changes, it will affect the quality of the transported goods or even spoil or damage them, causing huge losses.

In addition, the management of the container door is also very important. If the door is not closed properly, the temperature will be affected; or if the door is opened during the transportation, it will cause incalculable losses. Thus, the temperature control of the cold chain container is critical.


ATrack offers a series of Trackers that can keep track of vehicle locations via 3G and 4G communication technologies make dispatching more efficient.   It can also be equipped with temperature sensors, so that the company can monitor container temperature through the platform at any time and notify the company in case of temperature variations for early detection of problems.

In addition, ATrack Tracker can be equipped with door sensors, so that the companies can remotely grasp the status of container doors at any time and monitor whether the doors are opened for a long time or opened at times when they should not be, to ensure that the container doors are closed and prevent theft.



  • Temperature Monitoring at all times - Remote temperature monitoring at any time, with event alarm to ensure that the temperature is normal throughout the transportation.
  • Improve management efficiency - Through the event alarm, when the container door opens or the temperature changes abnormally, it will quickly send a notification to deal with abnormal variations.
  • Improve the drivers' behavior - It can monitor whether the driver is idling, speeding, harsh braking, detouring or other bad behavior.

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