Construction and Mining

Construction and Mining

Unlike private vehicles on the road, most heavy machinery operating in construction or mines are leased or purchased in installments and are often scattered in harsh environments and disparate terrain. Once neglected, this machinery may be destroyed, stolen, or damaged while improper use or idling unnecessarily will cause incalculable losses. In addition, it is extremely difficult and costly to repair damaged heavy machinery on site. In view of this, real-time location and monitoring of heavy machinery is very important.

ATrack supplies a series of IP69K, IP67 water and dustproof vehicle trackers which can transmit positioning, vehicle information, driver behavior, and other information to a platform through communication technologies such as 3G, 4G LTE- Cat. 1 and 4G LTE- Cat. M1 to deliver high-efficiency machinery management.

These products are waterproof and dustproof and are suitable for heavy machinery used outdoors in construction, mining, resource recovery, etc. Managers can instantly discover the location of machinery in vast and harsh environments, accelerate the efficiency of deployment, and reduce idle time. In addition, geofence function and abnormality alarm functionality can be equipped to effectively prevent an accidental break-in or machinery theft, potentially leading to industrial safety accidents or losses. Built-in sensors can monitor driver behavior to rein in problematic issues such as idling, speeding, sudden braking, taking unscheduled detours, etc. while calculating the operational uptime of heavy machinery.

It is worth mentioning that ATrack vehicle trackers support a number of interfaces and can be used with different sensors to monitor the operating status of machinery. An emergency button can also be equipped to call for help immediately in case of an accident, so as to speed up rescue operations. GPS tracking devices are also equipped with temperature sensors to monitor temperature and humidity in containers during transit and a real-time instant abnormality alarm prevents damage to transported goods caused by anomalous temperature and humidity.

For heavy machinery used in construction and mines, we recommend the AL300 Waterproof Tracker, which features an IP67 enclosure and supports CAN bus to obtain detailed engine information. The AS500 Long Standby Asset Tracker can operate for up to 10 years. In addition, the AK500 Telematics Gateway supports multiple interfaces and is extremely suitable for heavy machinery that requires multiple applications or fleet management.



  • Improve management efficiency: Real-time positioning and deployment, reduce machinery idle time, and prevent theft
  • Lower costs: Monitor the operating status of machinery and detect potential problems early to facilitate predictive maintenance and reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase safety: geofence can prevent accidents caused by wayward machinery, and emergency button can provide immediately notice when a disaster occurs and speed up rescue

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