Farming machinery is an important means of livelihood, so effective management of its machinery is essential. However, most of the heavy machinery used in farming is leased or purchased in installments. It may be stolen or damaged if neglected, which will not only cause losses in equipment, but also affect the progress of farming, resulting in incalculable losses. In addition, the traditional method of recording the location of farming machinery through paper or maps was not suitable for vast farms and is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Except for the management of machine location, it is also vital to know the status of farming machinery because the temporary failure of heavy machinery in the field of maintenance is very difficult and costly, so the status monitoring of agricultural machinery becomes very crucial.

ATrack offers a series of IP67 waterproof trackers that can transmit information on location, the machinery and user behavior to the platform via 3G, 4G LTE-Cat.1 or 4G LTE-Cat.M1 communication technologies to enable high-performance management of machinery. 

These products are suitable for tractors, rice transplanters, reapers, and other agricultural machinery used outdoors. Managers can monitor the location of machinery in a vast farm, and improve the efficiency of machinery dispatch to reduce idle time. It geofence and the event alarm function to effectively prevent the machinery from accidentally intruding or being stolen.

Moreover, ATrack Tracker supports multiple I/O ports, which can be equipped with different sensors to monitor the operation status of the machinery; it can also be equipped with a SOS button to call for help immediately when an accident occurs to speed up rescue operations.



  • Improving management efficiency: Real-time positioning and dispatching, monitor the location of machinery, reduce idle time, and prevent theft through driver identification and geofence.
  • Reduce costs: Monitor the operation status of machinery to detect potential problems in advance to perform predictive maintenance and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Enhance safety: Geofence can prevent the machinery from intruding inadvertently to avoid accidents; a SOS button can be used for notifying immediately when an emergency occurs to speed up rescue.

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