Vehicles are a critical asset for logistics providers, and regardless of the number of vehicles, their management is closely related to logistics operations. Logistics providers need to manage dozens or even hundreds of vehicles at the same time, and the routes and driving conditions for each fleet vary daily. Effectively managing the real-time status of vehicles and drivers, and optimizing the use of vehicles to improve transportation efficiency, and reduce fuel consumption and costs, is the biggest challenge for fleet management.

ATrack has designed a series of GPS tracking devices for vehicles to assist operators in monitoring vehicles at all times. This includes real-time positioning, speed, mileage, engine status, and can also detect potential vehicle problems early and perform preventative maintenance to avoid vehicle downtime caused by sudden failures. In addition, it can also monitor driving behavior to understand whether drivers engage in bad behaviors such as idling, speeding, harsh braking, or taking detours.

In addition, ATrack's vehicle tracker integrates various sensors, including an oil level sensor, which allows managers to remotely monitor fuel levels. The tire pressure monitoring sensor can provide real-time information on tire temperature and pressure to prevent accidents caused by tire deflation. The identity recognition system ensures that the right person drives the right vehicle at the right time. The smart AI camera supports ADAS and DMS, which not only can understand the driver's status and behavior but also can provide real-time voice warnings to assist in improving driving safety. Complete image records, it can quickly help managers to identify the cause of an accident and shorten the time and cost of accident handling. Additionally, SOS buttons or two-way voice functions can contact the operation center in real-time to speed up rescue actions.

For the logistics industry, we recommend using ATrack AK500 telematics gateway with rich interfaces and wireless sharing capabilities, AK7V vehicle tracker for two-way voice communication, AK300 GPS tracking device with multiple I/O, and AX300 OBD vehicle tracker with plug-and-play OBD interface, as well as other vehicle trackers suitable for fleet management.



  • Improve management efficiency: track and dispatch a large number of vehicles in real-time, control the status of each driver and optimize the use of vehicles.
  • Reduce cost: effectively control mileage and fuel consumption to reduce unnecessary waste.
  • Enhance safety: the SOS button can be used for notification immediately when an emergency occurs to speed up rescue and the camera recordings can help restore the accident scene.

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