Cold Chain

Cold Chain

Cold chain is used for the preservation and transportation of fresh agricultural products, food, chemicals, medicines, vaccines, etc. It is distributed on land, railways, and seas, and maintaining a certain low temperature during the transportation is crucial. Any abnormal temperature changes can affect the quality of the transported goods, and even cause spoilage and damage, resulting in significant losses.

In addition, the management of container doors is also essential. If they are not properly closed, it can affect the temperature. If they are opened or tampered with during transportation, it can cause incalculable losses. Therefore, temperature control of cold chain containers is of utmost importance.

ATrack offers a range of vehicle trackers specifically designed for fleet management. These devices provide real-time tracking, speed monitoring, mileage tracking, engine status reporting, and more, which helps to improve fleet dispatch efficiency. Additionally, these GPS tracking devices can be equipped with temperature sensors to allow cold chain operators to monitor container temperatures in real-time. If there is any abnormal temperature change, the platform will instantly notify the manager, helping to identify issues early and prevent product damage during transport.

In addition to temperature monitoring, ATrack's tracking devices can also be equipped with door open/close sensors. With this feature, cold chain operators can remotely monitor container door status to detect whether the container has been opened for an extended period of time or has been opened in an unauthorized location or at an inappropriate time. This helps to ensure that the container is securely closed and prevents theft.

For driver management, ATrack's tracking devices can be combined with RFID identification systems to ensure that the right person is driving the vehicle at the right time. Additionally, the device can monitor driver behavior to identify negative driving patterns such as idling, speeding, harsh braking, and detours.

For the cold chain industry, we recommend using ATrack's AK500 telematics gateway, which includes rich interfaces and wireless sharing capabilities, as well as the AK7V vehicle tracker, which features two-way voice communication. The AK300 vehicle tracker is equipped with rich interfaces and the AX300 OBD vehicle tracker is easy to install and features OBD interfaces. Furthermore, the AL300 waterproof vehicle tracker is waterproof and dustproof, making it ideal for cold chain fleet management. All of these devices are suitable for managing fleets in the cold chain industry.



  • Temperature Monitoring at all times: Remote temperature monitoring at any time, with event alarm to ensure that the temperature is normal throughout the transportation.
  • Improve management efficiency: Through the event alarm, when the container door opens or the temperature changes abnormally, it will quickly send a notification to deal with abnormal variations.
  • Improve the drivers' behavior: It can monitor whether the driver is idling, speeding, harsh braking, detouring or other bad behavior.

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