ATrack to Showcase AI-Vision Solutions for Future Mobility with Taisys at CAEV EXPO 2024


Taipei, Taiwan – ATrack Technology Inc., a pioneering force in the telematics industry, is poised to unveil groundbreaking innovations in the realm of AI-powered dash cams and telematics box solutions at CAEV Expo 2024. The focus of these advancements is on elevating location tracking precision and detecting harsh driving or dangerous behaviors through Driver Monitoring System (DMS) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This commitment contributes to enhanced protection and safety for drivers and valuable assets on the road.  ATrack will be co-exhibiting with Taisys at booth no. 192-197 on 14 and 15 March 2024.

The spotlight of ATrack's showcase will be the AW500 dual-facing smart dash cam, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art hardware and AI capabilities. This integration delivers real-time alerts for harsh driving behavior, provides driving assistance, and automatically uploads events to the Cloud. With its Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology ensuring optimal performance even in challenging conditions, the AW500 not only improves safety but also enhances visibility and operational efficiency for service fleets.

The AK700 is the latest AI telematics box that can connect to three external cameras. With LTE connectivity, ADAS, and DMS event footage can be automatically uploaded to the Cloud.  The AK750 GEO/LEO AI telematics box addresses connectivity challenges in remote environments. Leveraging satellite networks for uninterrupted connectivity, especially in rural or remote areas lacking LTE connectivity.  

ATrack's smart AI solution is designed with the AW300 wifi-enabled dash cam, which integrates with the AK500, a multifunctional telematics gateway with LTE connectivity. The AK500 is capable of executing in-depth data analysis and early detection of potential problems for preventive maintenance. Additionally, the AK500 provides numerous interfaces that can connect to various sensors such as tire pressure monitors, ID card readers, and more. The solution is easy to deploy and ideal for fleet management and heavy machinery management.

In the rapidly evolving technological landscape, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) emerge as crucial components of future fleet safety solutions. ATrack, recognizing their ability to enhance safety, improve driving experiences, and pave the way for autonomous driving, has seamlessly integrated ADAS and DMS into its telematics solutions. This integration underscores ATrack's commitment to driving the safety of future mobility.

Visit ATrack and Taisys at booth no. 192-197 at CAEV Expo 2024 to witness firsthand the cutting-edge innovations reshaping the landscape of AI-powered telematics and ensuring the safety of future mobility.

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