Vehicles are an important asset for logistics companies. Regardless of the number of vehicles, the management of vehicles is closely related to logistics operations. Logistics companies need to manage tens or even hundreds of vehicles simultaneously and each fleet is responsible for different routes every day, so how to effectively manage and control the real-time status of their vehicles and optimize their use is the biggest challenge for fleet managers.


ATrack designs a series of GPS trackers for vehicles, which can communicate via 2G, 3G, 4G LET Cat.1 and 4G LTE Cat M.1 to monitor the status of hundreds of vehicles in real-time, including real-time positioning, speed, mileage, vehicle drivers and driving behaviors, such as whether or not there is idling, speeding, harsh braking, detouring and other bad behavior.

In addition, ATrack integrates a variety of sensors to allow managers to remotely monitor fuel consumption, temperature, tire pressure, etc. to keep track of vehicle status. At the same time, if the driver encounters an emergency while driving, he or she can restore the accident scene through the camera paired with the GPS tracker, and contact with the operation control center in real-time through the SOS button and two-way voice function to speed up the rescue.



  • Improve management efficiency - track and dispatch a large number of vehicles in real-time, control the status of each driver and optimize the use of vehicles.
  • Reduce cost - effectively control mileage and fuel consumption to reduce unnecessary waste.
  • Enhance safety - the SOS button can be used for notification immediately when an emergency occurs to speed up rescue and the camera recordings can help restore the accident scene.

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