ATrack Launches Flagship AS500 Asset Tracker


With IP69K protection and ultra-low power for 10+ years operation

Taiwan, Taipei – November 23, 2022
ATrack Technology Inc., a well-known global Telematics brand, has launched AS500 long standby asset tracker. It meets the waterproof and dustproof specifications of the international IP67 and IP69K standards for housing design, which, combined with high efficiency power-saving technology, can be used continuously on a daily basis. The AS500 can operate independently for up to ten years, thus enabling effective management of high-value unpowered assets such as containers and heavy machinery to achieve 24/7 cloud management.

Innovative technologies realized in one device
The AS500 incorporates a variety of innovative technologies, being equipped with 4G LTE Cat. M1 and NB-IoT communications, combined with GPS and GLONASS technologies for real-time positioning, plus built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Beacon technology, it can accurately carry out indoor positioning and solve the problem of poor GNSS positioning reception. In addition, with the internal battery power supply and high-efficiency power-saving design, AS500 can operate for up to ten years without replacing the battery. Furthermore, it is satisfies IP67 and IP69 K-rated protection, which not only completely prevents dust intrusion but also withstands the impact of high-temperature and high-pressure water washdown and spray. With a wide temperature range operation from -40° to 80° C, the AS500 can operate stably in severe extreme environments.

Diverse features for multiple applications
In addition to real-time position tracking, the AS500 can also be used in various other ways with software capabilities and accessories, such as motion detection. The built-in acceleration sensor can be used to determine whether the monitored object is moving or to calculate the work hour of machinery. A geofence can be set to ensure the containment of monitored assets. It can also establish operation within a normal range, and is compatible with an abnormality alarm that detects assets going out of the work area or being stolen. In addition, the AS500 can be equipped with various sensors, such as a door opening detection magnet, to monitor whether the container door is opened at an inappropriate time or place. The AS500 can also be equipped with a tamper detection magnet, which will automatically send an alarm when the device is improperly removed to prevent important assets from being stolen. Furthermore, the AS500 can pair with wireless temperature and humidity sensors, to measure temperature and humidity inside a container throughout all logistical journeys, which will send real-time notifications with any abnormal data to the operators and ensure the quality of goods and services.

Lawrence Chao, deputy GM of ATrack Technology says "The demand for goods has increased in the past two years. We have seen that customers face difficulties in managing a large number of assets. We aspire to launch products that can be quickly introduced into cloud asset management systems to help customers solve operational problems." The AS500’s long standby asset tracker can help customers effectively manage important assets scattered around the world through a unified platform. With a powerful design, perfect for monitoring all kinds of high-value unpowered assets, the AS500 is top choice technology.


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