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About ATrack

ATrack Technology Inc. specializes in GPS telematics hardware designing and manufacturing, and has a product portfolio including solutions for cars, trucks, containers & non-powered assets, trailers, and motorcycles. In addition to a line of stable and robust hardware, we are also experienced in firmware and hardware modifications, and customized product developments. For System Integrators & Telematics Service Providers who value vendor responsiveness and flexibility, and are looking for a hardware partner who does not have a competing business model, ATrack is globally proven to be the best choice.

ATrack always strive to provide the most reliable hardware and excellent service for our customers. As of November 2018, ATrack have decided to implement ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and Product Life Cycle Management Systems (PLM), which will help reduce time-to-market, enhance product quality and ultimately improve levels of customer satisfaction. The implementation process of both systems is expected to complete in 2019. Customers' needs is our priority, ATrack will continue to improve and build mutually beneficial business relationships with our customers.

Global Endorsements

► Deloitte – Ranks ATrack as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Asia Pacific

► IoT Evolution – Presented ATrack’s AX7 with IoT Evolution Asset Tracking Award

► Garmin – Invited ATrack as the exclusive co-exhibitor at Connected Fleet Amsterdam

► Ptolemus – Ranks ATrack as one of top 3 telematics technology providers in Asia

► Research and Markets – Recognized ATrack as a forerunner in OBD telematics in a Telematics Industry Report

► Intel – Promoted ATrack at the Taipei Intelligent Systems Summit

► Toyota ITC Japan – Speaker for ATrack and AX7 at our October media/investor conference

► Certified by The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board in

► Qualified by The Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association

► TU-Automotive Awards 2016 – Nominated ATrack AX9 as Best Aftermarket Telematics Product/Service

► E-Tech Awards 2016 - Nominated ATrack AX9 for Mobile Enterprise Innovation Award

► National Award of Outstanding SMEs  - ATrack has outperformed its competitors and its products have been adapted by many globally well-known brands, making ATrack the best choice for this Award

► Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award - ATrack AX9 plug & play GPS tracker was selected for its high level of innovation and strong market potential

► COMPUTEX Best Choice Award - ATrack AK11 receives Category Award and AX11 receives Jury’s Special Award 

► ICT Month Innovative Elite Award - ATrack AX11 receives the award in the category of Smart IoT

► Taiwan Excellence Awards 2020 - ATrack AK11 wins the award for its innovation and excellence

► TU-Automotive Awards 2020 – Nominated ATrack AK11 as Fleet Product/Service of the Year

► Taiwan Excellence Awards 2021 - ATrack AS11 wins the award. This is the second consecutive year that ATrack’s products has stood out from the competition for its innovation and excellence.