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About us


ATrack Technology Inc. is founded by a group of professionals with proven records in design, development and manufacturing of Telematics hardware. Our goal is to provide the most stable, robust, and cost-effective devices through our global customer base of system integrators and service providers. In addition to our regular developments of new products, we are particularly successful at providing customized modifications to meet project-specific requirements.




ATrack is committed to being responsible to our customers, partners, and the society through development of innovative and reliable hardware. With continuous dedication, ATracks vision is to become the “acer” of Telematics industry.

“GPS trackers are supposed to be this stable!” is not only our slogan but also our belief.

Why ATrack?

1.    Strong R&D

The core Research and Development team at ATrack has been in the AVL industry since 2001. The experience, knowledge, and expertise of our team contribute to shorter development cycles and more freqünt product releases.

ATrack is the first Taiwan based company to design GPS tracker with:

  • 1-Wire Technology
  • GSM Jamming Detect & Report
  • 8V~40V Operating Voltage
  • AES-128 Data Encryption
  • WiFi-based Communication
  • 3G UMTS-based Communication
  • OBDII Plug & Play Tracker
  • Certified by Garmin as their Global Authorized Partner
  • Endorsed by Telit & Intel
  • Established Global Partnership with Cellcontrol
  • Invited to Co-exhibit at Exposec Brazil by Position Logic
  • HSPA/CDMA-2000 based OBDII dongle with Wireless & Bluetooth, Backup Battery Supports, and More.


2.    World Class Production Facility


  • Production Area :23,769 Ft.² (or 2208 m²)
  • Two Automated SMT Lines
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • GPS & GSM Functional Test Stations
  • Automated Optical Inspection Machine (AOI)
  • Reliability Testing Labs


3.    Flexible/Customized Solutions

ATrack supports project-based business, because one size does not fit all in the Telematics industry. While our existing products can meet the most common requirements in the market, there are always projects that require specialized features.

We are particularly successful at working with our customers to understand each specific project and provide flexible and customized hardware solutions to help them win deals.


4.    Responsive Technical Support

The Telematics industry is very different from consumer-electronic industry in that it is after-sale service intensive. Even though we have customers all over the world in various different time zones, ATrack’s technical support team is committed to effectively help our customers solve technical issues in the most responsive manner, and engage in professional follow ups to ensure smooth operations for our customers.


5.    Win-Win Business Partnership Philosophy

Partnerships are fundamental to our business at ATrack. We pride ourselves on being a great partner to our customers, and seek out partnerships that are beneficial to the collaborators and us.



Mar. Launched the first 4G LTE GPS tracker – AU7
Jun. AX9 has been selected as finalist in 2016 TU-Automotive Awards for the category of Best Aftermarket Product/Service
Sep. AX9 has been selected as finalist in 2016 CTIA E-Tech Awards for the category of Mobile Enterprise Innovation
AX9 passed the function test of Toyota ITC Big Data project
Oct. AX9 Plug and Play model Certified on AT&T Network
ATrack received National Award of Outstanding SMEs



Apr. AK7 Certified on Verizon Wireless Network
May ATrack selected by Deloitte for 2014 Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific
Jul. AX7 OBDII received 2015 IoT Evolution Asset Tracking Award
Sep. AS1 Asset Tracker Certified on AT&T Network
Oct. Toyota ITC’s Senior Product Manager flew from Japan to Taipei for a 15 minutes presentation to endorse ATrack at ATrack’s Pre-IPO Conference
Nov. ATrack listed on TPEX
Dec. ATrack Founder and CEO, Frank Tang,  awarded with the 2015 Model of Taiwan Entrepreneurs
Total sales volume exceed more than 300,000 units



Feb. Obtained AT&T certifications for AK7 and AU7 in the US, as well as Rogers certification for AT5i in Canada.
Mar. ATrack on Telit M2M magazine 2014
KORE Wireless and ATrack established global partnership
Apr. Modus and ATrack established global partnership
Jun. ATrack products support satellite GPS tracking
Sep. Launched AS1 Asset Tracker & AS3 Vehicle/Trailer Tracker
AX7(CV) OBDII Certified on Verizon Wireless Network
Oct. AK1(G) GPS Tracker Received Brazil ANATEL Certification



Mar. The first company to launch CDMA/HSPA based OBDII Telematics device AX7 that supports CANBus engine data, backup battery, wireless accessories, built-in buzzer, and Bluetooth connectivity
Apr. Global partnership with Cellcontrol established
May Invited to co-exhibit at Exposec Brazil by Position Logic
Jun. ATrack awarded Patent for short-range wireless/RF communication technology for OBDII dongle
Aug. Announced the plan to go IPO
Launched the new and superior AT5i & AU7
Sep. Axeda Ready partnership established
Oct. Co-exhibition with Gurtam at GITEX



Mar. The first Taiwan-based company launched GSM based OBDII Plug & Play GPS tracker AX5 at the CeBIT Hannover
Jul. ATrack on Telit M2M magazine again
Sep. Certified by Intel as Intel Brand Advantage Program (BAP)
Oct. Invited by Intel to showcase at Intel Intelligent Systems Summit
Nov. Certified by Garmin as their Global Authorized Partner
ATrack on Telit M2M magazine



Apr. Launched Wi-Fi GPS tracker AY5i
Received 1,200units order of AT5i from a single customer
May Received 2,000units order of AT1E from a single customer
ATrack on Telit M2M magazine
Jun. Sales volume exceed 18,500 units
Dec. Received 3,000 units order of AT1/AT1E from a single customer
Total sales volume exceed more than 40,000 units



Jan. ATrack Technology Inc. established
Mar. Launched the first GPS tracker AT5i with 1-Wire® technology at the CeBIT Hannover
Jun. Launched mainstream GPS tracker AT1 series
Jul. ATrack AT series integrated with Garmin FMI®
Aug. ATrack successfully integrated CANBus kits with AT series
Sep. Launched anti-theft GPS tracker AT3/AT3E with GSM jamming detection function
Oct. Oct. ATrack AT series integrated with Vepamon fül level sensor
Nov. ATrack AT series compatible with Squarell J1939 Interpreter, Type: FLEX
Dec. Launched UMTS GPS tracker AU5i

ATrack Technology Inc.