Configuring telematics device is a time-consuming and complicated task. Technical specialists need to have decent knowledge on computer coding and have to get familiar with complex commends to configure telematics devices which require lots of time and effort. ATrack perceives these issues, and we are proud to announce the launching of ACT (ATrack Configuration Tool). ACT is an user-friendly tool that can help our clients configure ATrack’s devices effectively and efficiently.


ACT has two main sections, which are “essential” setting and “advance” setting. The essential section allows the users to conduct fundamental setting including System, Communication and Tracking which are used by most customers. In System page, customers can set up position report format, power management (sleep mode/ deep sleep mode/ enable periodic wakeup) and so on. GPRS, which includes APN, user name, pass word, connection retry, retry timeout, GSM SMS, GSM roaming, can be arranged in Communication page. Furthermore, tracking behaviors such as tracking mode, conditions, destination and schedule can be managed in Tracking page.


The advanced section is for additional required setting, and it has 7 key pages – System, Security, Logging & schedule reporting, Communication, Control & Application, User define report and additional data. Each page allows the customers to set specific conditions according to their needs, for example:

  • System – customers can perform daylight saving and backup battery control
  • Security – it allows customers to set the AES key and super password that will provide extra security on data transmission.
  • Logging & schedule reporting – it allows customers to arrange the tracking patterns by time, distance or heading change and schedule the reporting time.
  • Communication – Customers can set auto switch between GPRS and SMS in communication page.
  • Control & Application – Driver ID authorization, I/O configure, voice call functions (only for AU7 and AT5) can be arranged in this page.
  • User define report – For making a customized report conditions, customers can simply use the user define report. The combination of the user define report is more than 1 billion, so customers definitely can generate tailor-made reports easily by this handy page.
  • Additional Data – Customers can set the protocol, position report format etc. in additional data page.


If customers want to send commands to ATrack GPS trackers directly, they can do so by using the command mode in ACT.


ACT is a user-friendly configuration tool, and it is able to save time on configuration for our clients. For more information about ACT, please contact us at sales@atrack.com.tw ,our professional sales consulters will be happy to share more details.