As many carriers announced that they were going to shut down the 2G communication service by the end of 2017, the 4G communication has became the main trend of telematics market. ATrack has insight into this trend, and recently we have launched our first 4G telematics device AL11 All Terrain Automotive Tracker, which is FCC, PTCRB, IC, and AT&T readily certified .

ATrack is pleased to develop a strategic partnership with Navixy, a leading GPS tracking platform provider, who has successfully completed integration of AL11. AL11 is a compact and IP rated 4G LTE cat.1 tracking device (with 3G fallback) suitable for monitoring various types of mobile assets. It can be easily and covertly installed with a 3 wires connection, and offers additional capabilities for ignition detection, ignition cut, environment temperature monitoring, Driver ID, SOS alerts, peripheral status change detection such as excavator or dump truck arms, and built-in features like configurable tracking, user-defined reporting, motion & impact detection,geo-fencing, driver behavior monitoring, and speeding. AL11 is ideal for vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, and equipment.

AL11 is a flexible and reliable device for diverse tracking applications. ThroughNavixy ‘s software platform and comprehensive dashboards & charts, fleet managers can track remote drivers and vehicles/assets locations, monitor fuel consumption, RPM, odometer and so on.

Tim Temlyakov, PR manager at Navixy, said: “All the data hardware devices get from the vehicle we display in vivid widgets just below the map in our Monitoring section. So, it’s very convenient to check real-time changing values like instantaneous fuel economy and fuel level, speed, engine load, check engine troubles, RPM and odometer while browsing the object’s movement and location.”

“Thereafter, you can operate with accumulated data in Navixy Reports. Specify any period of time and get the detailed analysis on all the trips,stops, fuel consumption (drains and fill-ups), engine hours, speed violations and 17 more with graphics and diagrams. You can combine obtained data to get the needed result.”

“Regarding odometer, as I said you can see the values at the moment and also use it in Trip Reports throughout the period for the particular vehicle. Besides, a user can plan the maintenance work pegged to a certain odometer value and get the notifications to remind.

Navixy monitoring system gets RPM values with every GPS point a device sends. The knowhow thing is you can make the RPM notification rule and every time a driver exceeds the revolutions a dispatcher receives a notification. Then you can get the violation list in Reports and solve the issue to cut the fuel costs and prevent early engine wearing.”
Den Demianik, Head of Business Development at Navixy, said: “It’s been always a pleasure cooperating with such a technologically advanced company as ATrack. High corporate standards, professional team and excellent quality make their products to be one of the best on the market, especially when it comes to mature economies.  Numerous Navixy clients from the US, CanadaThus, the integration of ATrack’s brand new AL11 model with 4G support makes our relations even stronger and will definitely benefit our mutual customers in various parts of the world.” and Australia prove this fact every day.

Since 2005,Navixy has offered specialized products designed for professional use and heavy load. Navixy GPS Tracking Platform is a world renowned all-in-one software product. It can be either installed on customer’s server hardware or provided as a cloud service.